Second Hand Spaghetti
Recorded by Ken Wagman

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Two Brothers Software

Thank you for visiting the page for the recording of Second Hand Spaghetti. This CD is available now! Visit our getting the CD page to learn how to get the CD or download songs from this CD collection. Ken Wagman is on of the "Two Brothers" in "Two Brothers Software" and is responsible for most of the music on the music resource page. Make sure you check out the other resources available from Ken Wagman and Two Brothers Software .

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Song List:

On A Butterflies Wings (Previously Unreleased)
Bell Storm
Your Jet Airplane is in My PB&J
The Story of Second Hand Spaghetti (Previously Unreleased)
Light Quest
Rain Sometimes
Falling Forward
Judgement Mountain
Over the Rainbow (Previously Unreleased)
Monks in Antartice (Previously Unreleased)
Sweet Friend (Previously Unreleased)
Fool's Lemonade (Previously Unreleased)
Jazz Matrix
Music in 3-D
Flavency (Previously Unreleased)
People get Ready (Previously Unreleased)
Split Personalities (Previously Unreleased)
Onchosardosis (Previously Unreleased)
You are Jehovah
Amazing Grace Remix (Previously Unreleased)

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