Second Hand Spaghetti
Recorded by Ken Wagman

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Two Brothers Software

Thank you for visiting the page for the recording of Second Hand Spaghetti. This CD is currently under production and will be available soon. Ken Wagman is on of the "Two Brothers" in "Two Brothers Software" and is responsible for most of the music on the music resource page.

Cover for SHS

Getting the CD. There are several options that you have, and all of them are easy and very economical!

Ship the CD - We will ship the CD anywhere in the Contenental US for $7.99.

Want to download the CD in MP3 format. You can do that too for $5.00.

We also have 7 mini CD's with 3 songs each that you can download for $1.49. This way if you want to preview a couple of songs before purchasing the album, you can do it for just a little change!

1. Light Quest, On A Buttrerfy Wings, and You Are Jehovah,
2. Judgement Mountain, Your Jet Plane is in my PB&J, and Music in 3-D
3. Fool's Lemonade, The Story of Second Hand Spaghetti, and Over the Rainbow
4. Onchyosardosis, Jazz Matrix, and Rain Sometimes
5. Thumper, Flavency, and People Get Ready
6. Bell Storm, Sweet Friend, and Falling Forward
7. Monks in Antartica, Split Personalities, and Amazing Grace

The above links will be active as soon as they are added to the music and art on line store!

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