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Thank you for visiting the page for the recording of Second Hand Spaghetti. This CD is available now! Visit our getting the CD page to learn how to get the CD or download songs from this CD collection. Ken Wagman is on of the "Two Brothers" in "Two Brothers Software" and is responsible for most of the music on the music resource page. Make sure you check out the other resources available from Ken Wagman and Two Brothers Software .

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About the Songs:

On a The Story of Second Hand Spaghetti: Ken Wagman
This CD has been compiled to share some music that I have been compiling over the last 20 years. From blues to jazz and some rock in between, I hope that you enjoy this compilation as much as I have enjoyed making it. The story of Second Hand Spaghetti started about 20 years ago, in a small town, not too far from where I grew up. In this town was a very popular restaurant where the wait staff was required to be very ecological and recycle everything. They recycled everything from salads to spaghetti, lobster to linguine, crab cakes to collard greens. From this story comes the blues and the name of the album. Some of the songs here are recycled songs that I have taken small pieces from songs that I have half completed or songs that I have released other places for other things. Sometimes recycling is good and sometimes it isnít. I want you to hear the story of second hand spaghetti.

On a Butterflies Wings. (Created 2007). This song was written for my youngest daughter Amber. In my truck I have a barrette that has a pink butterfly on it. The wings flap every time I hit a bump in the road. My daughter named this song when I asked her to name it and she looked at the butterfly.

Bell Storm (Created 2007). Bell Storm was written for Pyweek 4, for a Gang of 6ís entry. This song is the introduction song for the game. This is the first recycled song here. This song is exactly as you would hear in this game if you downloaded the game.

Your Jet Plane is in my PB&J (Created 2005). I never could come up with a name for this song, until I was talking with an old friend of mine last year. He told me this song sounded like a cross between game music and something from an 80ís jet fighter movie. This song is also used as the theme song for the game Moving Nowhere.

The Story of Second Hand Spaghetti (Created 2006). This is the theme song for this compilation. If anyone eats recycled food, you will understand the blues as well as this song says!

Light Quest (Created 2005). Light Quest was written for my first game competition. I wrote a game that played okay, but the music is what stood out. This was the outgoing track for the winners.

Rain Sometimes (Created 1988 - 2004). I Wrote this song in 1988 to express some extreme contrasts that I was experiencing in my life at the time. I eventually decided to scrap the words in lieu of a guitar lead. Sometimes it has to rain, without the rain, we would never be able to understand to enjoy the sunshine.

Thumper Ė (Created 2003). Thumper was my first successful bass driven song. Bass is played on the Roland GR-33 and patched through a Roland XV-5050.

Falling Forward Ė (Created 2003). This song was also created and played through the Roland GR-33. I wrote this to reflect a time in my life when I thought I was failing in many areas. When I finally got a second to stand up, I realized I had fallen forward and was doing much better than before.

Judgment Mountain (Created 2006). This song was created for a 1 week Christian Coders Network game. The name of the game was judgements, and it did not fare well. Like Light Quest, this music also is the music played at the end of the game.

Over the Rainbow (Created 2007). This song was originally recorded in 1939 and is from the movie Wizard of Oz. Music originally by Harold Arlen. I played this song in a way that I enjoy hearing it most.

Monks in Antarctica (Created 2007). This song was originally recorded in a monastery in warm southern Antarctica. I pulled out the JEM and started to play while the monks were humming along! Okay, it was recorded in the studio. The original idea was for a soundtrack for a game that never made it to the game quite yet.

Sweet Friend (Created 2007). This song was written as a tribute and dedicated to my lovely wife of 15 years. There is no better title than Sweet Friend for this tune, or any other tune that would be dedicated to my wife.

Jazz Matrix (Created 2003.) This song is completely played with the GR-33. The bass, sax, trumpet, flute and guitar sound are all created from the same instrument. The drum track is the only part of this song that was not created with the guitar. This song is the only track that was recorded with analog equipment. Funny that I would record a completely digitally manipulated song analog.

Music in 3D (Created 2000-2007). This song started out in 2000 as a slow tune I created using each of the guitars that I owned at that time. During this songs evolution, it has evolved to one of my personal favorites. Now to finish this creation, I added a unique introduction!

Flavency (Created 2006 Ė 2007). Canít you add some Flavency to my blue pizza? Flavency is a new word I created in 2007 for a project at work.

People Get Ready (Created 2007). This is my blues impression of this great classic. This is one of my personal all time favorite songs.

Split Personalities (Created 2003- 2007). Song I likes with you do you play song with me? This song is dedicated to all of the wonderful spam E-Mail that we get that tries to fool us that the writers are English majors. The next time you get an E-mail written like this, laugh for me!

Onychosardosis (Created 2006). This short instrumental was done on one take. This song is not contagious, and will not cause atheletes foot or toenail problems.

You Are Jehovah (Created 2004). Another one of my favorite songs. I wrote this song as an attempt to write a lyrical worship song. The lyrics didnít pan out the greatest but the melody is one of my favorites. Enjoy!

Amazing Grace (Created 2007). A very nice way to end this album. I hope you have enjoyed the story of Second Hand Spaghetti

These resources are copyright 2000 - 2007 and beyond. The CD is ©Ken Wagman.

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