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Art Resources
  Speed Trap
  Calming Fireplace
  Wisconsin Tornado
  Rainbow Tornado
  Catfish Crossing
  Boat Lunch
  Speed limits for Morons
  Speed Limits for lakes
  Foliage Ahead
  Blue Flower
  Jupiter Bridges
  Bee Fur
  Fire Red Flowers
  Nice Sunset
  Goldback Chipmunk
  Freeky Sunset
  Black Eyed Susans
  Cool Sunset
  Linux Guitar
  Bridge at Rotary Gardens

Music Resources



Other Resources
Flute Soundtrack
Amazon River Soundtrack
Driving Straight
Shipping and Handling
Windows Parody
Sore Throat Sountrack

MOD Resources
  Orion Flight

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Welcome to the Two Brothers Software Art and Music Resources page. From this page you can access original art, great music and MOD files to play. Two Brothers Software provides these resources free to use. Be sure and check back often as these resources do change from time to time.

All resources are provided free for download. These may be used unlimited for your own personal use. This does not include any posting on any local or public intranet or internet. All Images ©2004-2007 Two Brothers Software and or Gold Cross Photography unless otherwise stated. Unauthorized use is prohibited and punishable to the full extent of the law. The images and music that is contained herein are not public domain images. To use these images, or music in a public manner, please contact us for permission. We usually give permission for non commercial uses of our art and music resources within 2 business days if the form is completely filled out.

The latest addition here, is the information on Second Hand Spaghetti which is available now.

Besure and look at my comments on SPEED MONKEY, the Code Monkey Remix Contest page.

Here is our latest Desktop, a calming fish scene. Click on the picture to purchase the unrestricted version of the desktop.

purchase this backdrop

Be sure and check out the desktop backgrounds that you can download on the art page. The art changes frequently, so check back soon for more great background downloads. Download a sample of desktop backgrounds from Two Brothers Software here.

Desktop Backgrounds

Be sure and download some great music MP3 from our music pages. Check back often as new music resources are added frequently.

Mods will be posted as available. If you have MOD files you would like to submit to us for review, please let us know and we will get right back with you.

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Unauthorized use is theft, so please do not ignore our simple requests!